KWONN was launched in 2019 out of a necessity to offer a line of handbags that are luxurious yet durable, cruelty-free yet sustainably made, with ethical production standards and a concern for the planet at its core.

Most vegan suede in the market relies on PVC which is incredibly harmful to both the environment and the humans that produce it. All KWONN bags are 100% PVC and toxin-free. They are also created from plant-based materials, which eliminates the need for animal leather – another one of the fashion industry’s greatest polluters.
We are embracing the “slow-fashion” movement through thoughtful collaboration with the master artisans in New York who create our bags. The artisans who work on our products receive fair wages, and our pre-order structure limits over-production and waste.
10% of our sales will be donated to Feeding America. Your one purchase offers a lot of meals to those in need.

The KWONN Difference